Philips CD-i Homebrew: Nobelia

One of the most exciting things happening in the CD-i community right now is the development of a brand new homebrew title: Nobelia. Recently, the creator, TWburn, has released the very first demo of the game on GitHub. I decided to give it a try on both my Philips CD-i 205 as well as my CD-i 180 set. I shot a short video to show how that went. (The video being in black and white on the 180 unit is because of the monitor, not the system or the game.)

As you can see, the game works pretty well for being so early in development. In terms of gameplay, it seems to be a mix of Bomberman, 2D Zelda, with maybe some Chip’s Challenge in there. There is still some slowdown when the game is running on real hardware. The game is mainly being developed using CD-i fan’s emulator. One other thing to note is that the game did not display correctly when either of the CD-i systems were set to NTSC mode.

I’m very impressed with the game so far and I’m looking forward to this becoming a fully finished release!