About me

Thank you for checking out my site! My name is Jorne, known online as MrMii6. I'm a software developer by trade. In my spare time, I enjoy exploring other aspects of technology, with retro hardware and software being my favourite pastime. I'm fascinated by anything ranging from old computers, to game consoles, AV equipment, or whatever else I may find interesting.

About this Blog

This site is a place for me to show the things I do, and to easily share and preserve information. I don't have a set schedule for articles. I'll post something when I'm passionate about a certain topic or when I have something unique and interesting to share. I hope you'll learn something valuable and/or fun from my posts!

Got any questions or comments? Feel free to contact me!

Discord - mrmii6 (previously MrMii6#7440)
Twitter (X) - JorneMii6
Bluesky - JorneMii6

Other places where you can find me:

HowLongToBeat - This is where I keep track of my backlog. You can check out my profile to see what games I'm currently playing, what games I plan on playing, and what games I've finished.
The Internet Archive - I try to support preservation as much as I can. Whenever I get a piece of abandonware or documentation that's not yet online, I make sure it gets uploaded here.

Disclaimer: The things I do and the techniques I use, are mostly self-taught. I always make sure to do research while working on a project. Despite this, it is always possible that I make mistakes. If you want to use the information on this site: great! But please keep in mind that I'm just a hobbyist doing this for fun.