Gallery: Philips CD-i 740

The Philips CD-i 740 is said to be the most advanced consumer CD-i player ever made. It has a unique design and some distinctive features that no other consumer players had.

They seem to have been produced in very limited quantities and are thus quite difficult to come by. In my opinion, this is the best-looking CD-i model ever made. That, combined with how fully-featured this player is, has made me want one for a long time. I finally acquired one recently from someone who put it up for sale locally.

With this player being so uncommon, the number of pictures of it online is scarce. I figured I should change that by tearing the entire player down and taking photos of every component.

Manufacturer Philips
Model Number CDI740/00
Made in Belgium
Production Number AH009625030291
Production Date 25th week of 1996
Serial Number 000004

Power Supply

Front Display / Panel

Digital Video Cartridge (Internally Pre-Installed)

CDM 12.1


Player Shell and Software